Though these are all valid aspects


How much to charge for a web designing or web development project? – This is a question that plagues many freelancers and small businesses that specialize in providing Web Development In India. Do they follow the industry standards set by Cleanroom project suppliers other established web development companies in the industry? Do they charge a fixed rate, or quote a price as per the number of hours put into the project?Though these are all valid aspects to consider when determining the pricing of any web development project, yet there are more essential questions than these that you need to ask.

What Exactly Do The Clients Require?This is a very important question to ask before you quote a price for the web designing project that you are about to undertake. Though the question may seem pretty simple and straightforward, it is actually quite dicey. Here as a web developer, it would be your job to analyze the exact requirements of the clients, both in terms of what he wants and what he needs. The first aspect of the question, i.e. what the clients want, is quite evident & can be determined from the kind of website and features they want. The answer to the next question can be derived by determining what they hope to achieve by getting the website developed.

Do they want to extend their customer base? Do they want to push up their sales? Do they want to promote a new product or service? For ensuring a long list of satisfied clients, it is important to analyze what the clients actually need and deliver accordingly. Web Development Is All About Selling Value. How Much Value Are You Providing?The prices you charge for the web designing project will be a direct reflection of the value you are providing to the client. Always remember the fact that the website you are developing for them is going to help them establish a strong online presence, push up the sales, and will help them reach a wider customer base. Since you are providing them so much value, it is only fair that you charge as per the knowledge, expertise, and experience you are bringing into the project.Keeping these points in mind while quoting a price for the web development project you are about to undertake will ensure that you make the right decision.